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Sarah Dessen was born in Evanston, Illinois on June 6, 1970. She moved with her family to Virginia then North Carolina where she now resides with her husband, Jay, daughter Sasha, and dogs. After dropping out of Greensboro College she began taking classes at the University of North Carolina where she graduated with honors. She was a waitress for some time before leaving her job to accept a position as a teacher at UNC. She then left that job to become a full-time author.


  • 1996 – That Summer
  • 1998 – Someone Like You
  • 1999 – Keeping the Moon (also released as Last Chance)
  • 2000 – Dreamland
  • 2002 – This Lullaby
  • 2004 – The Truth About Forever
  • 2006 – Just Listen
  • 2008 – Lock and Key
  • 2009 – Along for the Ride
  • 2010 – Infinity (novella)
  • 2011 – What Happened to Goodbye
  • 2013 – The Moon and More

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